• to learn a new language

    no matter what your aim is

  • Discover a different culture

    History, literature, food...

  • Meet fellow lovers of frenchness

  • to further your french experience

    no matter what your level of French is

What’s Happening ?

Our next monthly event is exciting as it is... wait for it... Bastille Day Celebration!!! Bastille Day dinner will be held on Saturday July 30th at Booloominbah at UNE. We have a lot planned for that special night so bring (a) friend(s) and come enjoy an amazing night. For more details click here

Come and join us for a fun night of “francophonie”!

Future social events will include : Olympic themed night, picnic and boule, Xmas dinner and much more about France and French culture. So stay tuned!

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The new newsletter is now out Come and check it here!

Classes & Info

Classes are held at Kent House, which is opposite Central Park, in Faulkner St.

The Alliance Francaise runs a class for every level, every experience and goals. Attend classes for $170 per 8 week term ($280 per semester).


This week (July 11th) both BEGINNERS (Tues 12th) and ADVANCED (13th) classes are kicking off again BUT for INTERMEDIATE semester 2 will start on the 25th.

Looking forward to seeing you all in class!

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The AGM was held on March 23rd.

See the Alliance committee


The membership year runs from March 2016 to March 2017. Membership fees are:

Family $40
Single $35
Students $20
Schools $40

Note to all our members

It is still time to enrol!!!!! Come and join us for exciting events and good times! Encourage family and friends to become members and take part into a great and fun experience.

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