• Meet fellow francophiles

    and fellow frenchness lovers

  • Learn about French arts,

    History and Literature

  • Discover a different culture

  • Further your French experience

    No matter what your level is

  • Within a community of

    Frenchness lovers

  • Learn a language

    No matter what your aim is

  • Get fluent or learn just enough

    Before your next trip

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Contact us   alliance.fr.armidale@gmail.com

" La Présidente et le comité exécutif de l'Alliance Française d'Armidale vous prient d'accepter leurs voeux. Que cette nouvelle année, au-delà des voeux de santé et bonheur personnels vous apporte beaucoup de satisfaction au niveau de notre association."

"Please receive the best wishes for the new year from the Alliance Française Armidale. Beyond wishes for personnal health and happiness, we hope that the new year will bring you joy and satisfaction with our association."                       Image result for bonne annĂ©e 2018 paris


Have you learnt French at school and now you're a bit rusty? Do you plan on travelling to France or have decided to learn a new language? Then come and join our fun classes in small groups.

We offer classes for all levels: Beginners on Tuesday, Beginners + on Monday, Intermediate on Monday and Advanced on Wednesday. We have fantastic and enthusiatic teachers and a great learning atmosphere.

Classes are held at Kent House, which is opposite Central Park, in Faulkner St.

To enrol follow this link

Not sure if this is for you, or what level would suit you best? Come and talk to our teachers at one of the classes or contact us!

Click here for more info on classes.


The membership year will run from March 2017 to March 2018. Attend our exciting and informative (sometimes) monthly meetings and become part of a thriving community! 

Click here for a glance at our program.

Membership fees are :

Family $40
Single $35
Students $20
Schools $40

Note to all our members and future members

It is still time to enrol! Come and join us for exciting events and good times! Encourage family and friends to become members and take part in a great and fun experience.

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