L'ANNEE 2016

Wednesday March 23rd 2016 - AGM

Wednesday April 20th 2016 - Poetry night - 5 poems readings and discussion about some of the greatest French poems

Wednesday May 18th 2016 - Trivia Night - we learnt so many things about France and its culture.

Thursday May 26th 2016 6:45pm for a 7pm start  - Movie night - La Famille Belier at the cinema.

Wednesday June 15th - le Tour du Gout - Jean-Luc Tisserand gave a wonderful talk on Le Tour de France and food from three regions through which the tour passes.a wine and cheese evening.

Saturday July 30th 2016 - Bastille Day Luncheon- Fantastic dinner at Boolominbah with champagne, dancing activities and red carpet.

Wednesday August 17th 2016 - Les Jeux Olympiques -  Jean-Luc delighted us once again with facts and stats. No drug test was conducted!!

September 9th, 10th and 11th 2016 - French Film Festival - 5 movies were shown over the weekend and we had a great support with close to 500 kids small and big enjoying some great stories. We're already planning the 2017 so stay tuned!

Wednesday October 19th 2016  - French nineteenth century music - Neville Webb delighted us with pieces from Ravel and his contemporary composers.

Wednesday Novermber 16th 2016 - Beaujolais Nouveau and William the Conqueror - we had a fantastic night learning about William the Conqueror and how 950 years ago the Norman invasion influenced the course of the francophonisme in Europe while enjoying the infamous Beaujolais Nouveau

Saturday december 3rd 2016 - Christmas Bash - we celebrated the end of the year beautifully with lovely food and lovely company.